Tragic Drowning Claims Young Life in Ferozepur's Village by the Sutlej River

Rozana Spokesman

News, Punjab

8-year-old Gurwinder Singh Succumbs to a Heart-Wrenching Accident, leaving a village in grief

Drowning Incident

FEROZEPUR: The village of Kaluwala, nestled along the India-Pakistan International Border and flanked by the relentless flow of the Sutlej River, has been plunged into profound sorrow as a devastating incident unfolds. Tragically, an eight-year-old, Gurwinder Singh, a bright fifth-grade student and beloved member of his community, met a heart-wrenching fate when he lost his life in a drowning accident.

The Calamitous episode unfurled on a fateful Saturday evening as Gurwinder Singh engaged in playful adventures along the banks of the Sutlej River. In a cruel twist of fate, he slipped beneath the river's surface, and despite the desperate attempts of some villagers who bore witness to the unfolding tragedy, their efforts to save him arrived too late.

Several hours of efforts eventually led to the recovery of Gurwinder Singh's lifeless body from the river's depths at approximately 10:15 PM. The aftermath of this grievous incident has cast a pall of mourning over the village. Gurwinder Singh was deeply cherished by his family and his entire community. His untimely passing has left his family in a state of profound shock, with his mother bearing the weight of overwhelming grief.