BSF & Punjab Police Foil Drug Smuggling Attempt via Drone near Ferozepur

Rozana Spokesman  | Amanat Thaper

News, Punjab

Joint Efforts and Vigilance Thwart Smugglers' Aerial Operation


FEROZEPUR: In a display of vigilant cooperation, Border Security Force (BSF) personnel detected the presence of an unauthorized drone near village Sanke in Ferozepur. Swiftly responding to the alert, a collaborative search operation was conducted by BSF alongside the Punjab Police, marking yet another successful interception of a drug smuggling attempt.

The operation, executed with precision and coordination, led to the discovery of a damaged quadcopter drone in a field near Hitar village of Rao. This recovery of the aerial vehicle, which was found in a broken state, signifies another thwarted endeavor by smugglers to transport illicit substances using drones.