Youth Brutally Murdered with Swords in Kapurthala Over Long-Standing Feud

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Tragic Incident Unfolds in Dhilwan Tehsil, Police Launches Investigation Against Six Accused

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KAPURTHALA: A Young man lost his life in a brutal attack involving swords, stemming from a longstanding enmity in Dhilwan Tehsil of Kapurthala. The local police at Dhilwan police station have initiated a case against six accused based on the complaint filed by the deceased's father, Gurnam Singh. The investigation is underway, but as of now, no arrests have been made.

The Victim, Hardeep Singh alias Deepa, a resident of Dhilwan Patti Ladhu, was employed in the agricultural sector. According to Gurnam Singh's account in his police complaint, his son had been embroiled in a prolonged dispute with Harpreet Singh alias Happy, a fellow resident of Dhilwan Patti Ladhu. This altercation had previously led to a case being registered against Hardeep Singh at the Dhilwan police station.

Fearing arrest, Hardeep Singh had been residing away from home for several days. However, on the evening of September 19, he returned home and subsequently left the house, taking his bank passbook. Around 10:30 pm, a knock on the gate alerted him and his wife. Upon investigation, they found Harpreet Singh alias Happy accompanied by four or five individuals standing outside their house.

During this confrontation, Harpreet Singh callously informed the grieving family that they had exacted revenge for the past feud by fatally injuring their son. In shock and horror, they discovered Hardeep Singh grievously wounded. Hardeep Singh revealed that Harpreet Singh and his accomplices had attacked him with swords and kirpans.

In an attempt to save their son, they rushed him to Civil Hospital Jalandhar. Tragically, the medical team at the hospital declared Hardeep Singh dead upon arrival. Gurnam Singh, shattered by the loss of his son, alleged that the brutal murder was a result of a deep-rooted grudge held by Harpreet Singh alias Happy and his associates. The police are actively pursuing the case to apprehend the culprits.