Zirakpur: 14-Year-Old Student's Sudden Death While Playing Basketball

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Heartbreaking Incident Captured on CCTV as Shubham Succumbs to Neck Fracture During School Game

Zirakpur Latest News

Zirakpur Latest News: In a tragic turn of events, a 14-year-old student named Shubham met an untimely demise while playing basketball at a private school in Zirakpur, Punjab. The heartbreaking incident occurred when Shubham suffered a fatal neck fracture following a fall during the game. The entire sequence of events was captured on the school's CCTV cameras.

According to school authorities, the incident transpired on Tuesday at 9 am while Shubham was engaged in a game of basketball with his brother on the school premises. Shockingly, Shubham suddenly fainted during the game, leading to immediate concern among those present.

The school management promptly contacted Shubham's father, Naveen Garg, a resident of AKS Colony, Zirakpur. Following the incident, Shubham was swiftly admitted to a private hospital. However, recognizing the severity of the situation, the doctors referred him to Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH-32).

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Despite all efforts, Shubham was declared brought dead upon arrival at GMCH-32. The devastating loss has left the school community and Shubham's family in shock and grief.

The incident, from Shubham's collapse to the emergency response, has been captured on the school's CCTV cameras. Investigating officer Chamkaur Singh shared that, following a post-mortem examination and statements from the deceased student's father, Naveen Garg, appropriate actions are being taken under Section 174.

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