Stray Dog Menace Strikes Again in Chandigarh: Girls Riding Activa Attacked, Vehicle Overturns 

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Chandigarh Continues to Grapple with Stray Dog Incidents; Activa Riders Face Terrifying Encounter

Stray Dog Issue in Chandigarh News

Stray Dog Issue in Chandigarh News: In yet another distressing incident in Chandigarh, the city's persistent struggle with stray dog-related incidents has taken a concerning turn. This time, girls riding an Activa found themselves at the mercy of a pack of stray dogs, leading to a harrowing chain of events.

The incident unfolded when the girls, riding an Activa, encountered stray dogs on their route. The dogs pursued the riders as they attempted to flee. In a desperate bid to escape the canine threat, the girls sought refuge by locking the Activa inside a nearby house. However, the situation took a tragic turn when the Activa collided with bicycles parked within the premises.

CCTV Footage Captures the incident

The entire sequence of events was captured on a CCTV camera installed in the house. The footage revealed the girls' attempt to secure themselves and the Activa from the approaching dogs, ultimately resulting in an unfortunate accident. The Activa, in its attempt to evade the canine chase, collided with parked bicycles, leading to the vehicle overturning and the riders sustaining injuries.

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This incident has raised concerns among the local community regarding the increasing menace of stray dogs in the city. Residents are calling for swift action to address the issue and ensure the safety of pedestrians and commuters. As a consequence of the Activa overturning, the girls riding the vehicle suffered injuries. The severity of their injuries is yet to be disclosed, but the incident underscores the urgent need for measures to mitigate the risks associated with stray dog encounters.

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