Chandigarh Covid-19 Guideline: Advisory Issued Against JN.1 Variant, Masks Advised in Crowded Areas

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UT Administration Alerts Residents Despite No Reported Cases; Urges Vigilance Amidst New Corona Variant

Chandigarh Covid-19 Guidelines Latest News

Chandigarh Covid-19 Guidelines Latest News: In response to the emergence of the new JN.1 variant of the coronavirus, the Union Territory (UT) administration in Chandigarh has proactively issued guidelines to safeguard residents. While there are currently no confirmed cases in the city, the health department is urging caution and recommending the use of masks in crowded areas, including markets, malls, and other public places.

In light of the evolving situation, the Chandigarh administration is taking preemptive measures to curb the potential spread of the new variant. Residents are not only advised to wear masks but have also been instructed to steer clear of crowded places whenever possible. Additionally, a mandate has been put in place, requiring patients visiting hospitals and their relatives to wear masks for added protection.

The administration underscores the importance of prompt medical attention, urging individuals to consult a doctor immediately if they experience symptoms such as fever, cold, or difficulty in breathing. In the event of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, it is imperative for the affected individual to self-isolate for a period of 7 days.

While there are no confirmed cases in Chandigarh as of now, authorities emphasize the need for preventive measures to mitigate the potential impact of the new variant. The administration encourages residents to stay vigilant, adhere to safety protocols, and act responsibly to collectively combat any potential threats posed by the GN.1 variant.

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