Kulbir Zira's Arrest Petition Dismissed, Faces Detention in Ropar Jail

Rozana Spokesman  | Amanat Thaper

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Former Congress MLA's Legal Woes Worsen as Court Rejects Bail Request

Kulbir Zira

ROPAR: In a significant turn of events, the court has denied the petition to secure the release of former Congress MLA, Kulbir Zira, further complicating his legal battle. As a result, he is set to be detained in Ropar Jail, adding to his ongoing challenges.

Kulbir Zira had recently obtained bail in connection to a case in Ferozepur, but his legal troubles escalated when two additional charges were levied against him on the same day. The 7/51 case has led to the delay in his release, prolonging his confinement.

The root of the issue can be traced back to Kulbir Zira's three-day dharna protest outside the BDPO office in Zira, where he sought to draw attention to various concerns. During this period, he even staged a protest inside government officials' offices. However, following a complaint filed by the Panchayat Officer, charges were filed against him for disrupting official work, ultimately resulting in his arrest.

It's worth noting that Amarinder Singh Raja Warring, the President of the Punjab Congress, made a visit to Ropar Jail to meet with Kulbir Zira. Prior to the meeting, Raja Warring underwent a security check, during which a moment of tension was observed. Kulbir Zira's legal challenges continue to mount, and his arrest petition dismissal signals an uphill battle for the former MLA, who remains in detention at Ropar Jail.