Highway Collision: Car Struck by Truck, Perches on Railing in Ludhiana-Doraha Incident

Rozana Spokesman

News, Punjab

Four Youths Survive, Truck Flees Scene, Police Investigating CCTV Footage for Clues


LUDHIANA: A Late-night collision on the National Highway in Ludhiana has left a car teetering on a railing, following a side impact with a truck. The Altroz car, carrying four young individuals, suffered extensive damage after the collision. Despite sustaining injuries, all occupants survived the harrowing accident. Shockingly, the truck driver fled the scene.

The incident unfolded as Hardeep Singh, a resident of Fatehgarh Sahib, along with three companions, was traveling along the National Highway in an Altroz car. A speeding truck struck their car from the side as it descended from the Doraha bridge. The impact threw the car off balance, causing it to collide with the divider's railing.

In a hasty escape, the truck driver swiftly left the accident scene, ignoring the pleas of the occupants in the car to stop. A crowd quickly gathered at the spot, and with immense effort, managed to safely extract the four young individuals from the car, despite their minor injuries. 

Soon after the collision, the highway experienced a traffic jam, prompting the arrival of police personnel to manage the situation. The local police at the Doraha police station were alerted by the public. Upon arrival, a tow-van was summoned to remove the damaged vehicle from the roadway. Notably, Authorities are now diligently examining CCTV footage