Disturbing Incident: Ludhiana Govt School Principal Accused of Brutal Assault on Student

Rozana Spokesman

News, Punjab

Allegations of Extreme Physical Abuse Emerge After Child Accused of Hitting Classmate

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LUDHIANA: A Distressing incident has come to light from a government school situated in Ludhiana district's Muslim colony, where a young student was reportedly subjected to severe physical abuse allegedly orchestrated by the school's principal and staff. The child, accused of hitting a classmate with a pencil, endured brutal treatment over a span of two days.

The Incident has left the child's family horrified and deeply anguished. According to family members, their child was relentlessly beaten, and shocking evidence of the abuse was captured in a video by another student. The child returned home with visible signs of trauma, displaying marks of the beatings on thighs, back, and severely reddened soles, impairing the ability to walk properly.

Sahluna Khatun, the mother of the student enrolled in LKG at Bal Vikas School, expressed her distress, narrating the ordeal her son faced. She highlighted the relentless torture the child underwent, prompting the family to lodge a formal complaint with the police, seeking justice for their child.

Principal Bhagwan defended the school's actions, stating that the child had allegedly hit another classmate with a pencil, leading to a complaint from the concerned classmate's family. Bhagwan contended that the child had been repeatedly cautioned about misbehavior and emphasized the potential harm a pencil could cause, especially if it came into contact with a sensitive area. The principal denied inflicting excessive force during the disciplinary action and insisted that the severity of the incident was being exaggerated by the child's family.

Notably, This distressing incident has sparked outrage among the community and raises questions regarding the safety and well-being of students within educational institutions.