Punjab BJP Welcomes 46 New Appointments, Including Spokesperson & Media Panelists

Rozana Spokesman  | Amanat Thaper

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Colonel Jaibans Singh has been entrusted with the role of Chief Spokesperson

Sunil Jakhar

CHANDIGARH: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Punjab has ushered in a wave of change with the announcement of 46 new appointments across various key positions. These appointments span an array of vital roles, from speakers and media panelists to individuals responsible for media management and information technology (IT) leadership.

Colonel Jaibans Singh has been entrusted with the role of Chief Spokesperson, emphasizing the BJP's commitment to effective communication and engagement within the state. A total of 8 individuals have been vested with diverse responsibilities as Spokespersons. 

Furthermore, the state media panel has been bolstered with the inclusion of 32 proficient members. Their role will be pivotal in shaping and amplifying the party's media strategies and outreach efforts. A notable addition to the new appointments includes four individuals designated for media management. With the appointment of Inderjit Singh as the IT Convener, the party is gearing up to strengthen its digital footprint and technology infrastructure. The growing importance of technology in politics cannot be overlooked, and this appointment is a testament to the BJP's forward-looking approach.

The Comprehensive list of these appointments was unveiled by BJP state president Sunil Jakhar, signaling the party's determination to expand its footprint, streamline its operations, and engage more effectively with the ever-evolving political landscape in Punjab.