Emotional Moment: Missing 16-Year-Old Found Safe, Mother Overwhelmed with Emotions

Rozana Spokesman  | Amanat Thaper

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Manpreet Singh's Parents Expressed Gratitude to Police & Teacher Sandeep Kaur

Manpreet Singh & his Mother

PATIALA: In a twist of fate, the four-day-long search for 16-year-old Manpreet Singh, son of Surinder Singh Morinda, has come to a heartening conclusion. The police located the missing teenager from Ranjit Vihar in the local district, bringing relief to his worried family. The reunion was an emotional moment as Manpreet Singh's mother, Kulwinder Kaur, was overjoyed to be reunited with her son.

Upon receiving news of Manpreet Singh's discovery, the police promptly informed his parents, facilitating a swift reunion. The authorities handed over the young boy to his father, Surinder Singh Morinda, who expressed immense gratitude for the efforts of the police. However, it was Kulwinder Kaur, Manpreet's mother, who was visibly emotional and shed tears of joy upon seeing her son again.

As relatives and well-wishers gathered to celebrate the reunion, Kulwinder Kaur's heartfelt interaction with Manpreet stood out. Despite the joyful atmosphere, it was apparent that Manpreet's mother had gone through days of anguish and worry. She repeatedly embraced her child, showering him with affection and thanking the police and Sandeep Kaur, a teacher at her school in Patiala.

Kulwinder Kaur revealed that Sandeep Kaur, who was ahead of Morinda, had recognized Manpreet while passing by and immediately alerted both the police and Manpreet's family. This quick thinking led to the successful recovery of the missing teenager. Kulwinder Kaur extended her gratitude to both the police force and Sandeep Kaur for their pivotal roles in reuniting her with her son.