Punjab Govt Mandates No Ground Seating for Govt School Children After March 31, 2024

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Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann Initiates Bench Seating Norm to Enhance Learning Comfort

Punjab Schools News

Punjab Schools News: In a groundbreaking move aimed at improving the educational infrastructure in government schools, Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann-led Punjab government has issued strict instructions, declaring that, effective March 31, 2024, no child in government schools shall be seated on the ground.

The directive, outlined in a letter addressed to education officials across the state, emphasizes the government's commitment to providing a more comfortable and conducive learning environment for students. The order explicitly states that, post the specified date, students must be seated on benches and not on the floor during school hours.

To facilitate the implementation of this initiative, the government has set a deadline for schools lacking benches to submit their requests for the necessary furniture. Schools are instructed to send their requests to the education office by 3 pm on December 23, ensuring that the needed infrastructure is in place before the mandated deadline. This step aligns with the government's vision to enhance the overall educational experience for students, fostering an environment that promotes better focus, participation, and overall well-being. 

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