Punjab News: Farmer's Life Lost to Apparent Suicide by Revolver in Nanhera Village

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Grim Discovery in Ghagga District as Harpal Singh's Life Ends Mysteriously While Protecting Crops

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Punjab News Latest: In a somber turn of events, the lifeless body of Harpal Singh, a farmer from Nanhera village near Ghagga, was discovered in the fields under mysterious circumstances. Initial investigations suggest suicide by a revolver, prompting swift police action and a subsequent postmortem at Samana Civil Hospital.

The grim incident unfolded as Harpal Singh went to his farm the previous night with the intention of safeguarding the crops. Unfortunately, his life took a tragic turn as he allegedly took his own life using a revolver that was recovered at the scene by the police. The authorities, responding promptly to the situation, initiated legal procedures and transported Harpal Singh's body to Samana Civil Hospital for a thorough medical examination.

Amanpal Singh Virk, the head of Ghagga police station, shed light on the unfortunate event. Harpal Singh, he revealed, had gone to the farm the previous night, and when family members ventured to the fields in the morning, they were met with the distressing sight of his lifeless body alongside the revolver. Amanpal Singh Virk assured that due processes have been set in motion, and after the medical examination, the body will be handed over to the grieving family. Further details and insights into the incident are anticipated post the medical examination.

As the investigation unfolds, authorities are keenly awaiting the results of the medical examination, which is expected to provide additional insights into the circumstances surrounding Harpal Singh's tragic demise. The details that emerge will play a crucial role in understanding the events leading up to the incident.

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