Punjab Police Uncover Terrorist Module Operated by Parminder Pindi; 5 Arrested

Rozana Spokesman

News, Punjab

Arrested individuals have links to a Pakistan-based terrorist, Harwinder Rinda

Punjab Police Action

CHANDIGARH: In a commendable achievement, the Punjab Police have successfully dismantled a terrorist module under the alleged leadership of Parminder Pindi. The operation has resulted in the arrest of five individuals who were actively involved in the module's illicit activities, signaling a major victory for law enforcement in the region.

The Punjab Police, acting on intelligence and dedicated efforts, successfully exposed and apprehended a terrorist module that has been a cause for grave concern in the region. The module, reportedly under the control of Parminder Pindi, had been operating with secrecy and audacity, posing a significant threat to the state's security and stability.

The depth of this criminal operation extends beyond national boundaries. The police revealed that these nefarious elements had ties to the Pakistan-based terrorist, Harwinder Rinda. DGP Gaurav Yadav shared vital insights into the operations of this dismantled terrorist module. He stated that the group was actively involved in economically destabilizing Punjab by resorting to acts of violence and intimidation, particularly in targeting liquor deals at gunpoint. Such activities not only posed a threat to economic stability but also endangered the lives and safety of those involved in the liquor trade.