Two Youths Found Dead in Ludhiana, Police Apprehend Three Suspects

Rozana Spokesman  | Amanat Thaper

News, Punjab

Crime Sheds light on a grudge over a relationship that led to this heinous act


LUDHIANA: In a Horrifying Incident, two close friends, Rahul and Gulshan, were brutally killed by a gang of four assailants in the jurisdiction of Daba police station in Ludhiana. The bodies of the victims were discovered submerged in a filthy drain in Bhamian. The Ludhiana police have swiftly taken action, arresting three individuals while one accused remains at large.

Police Commissioner Mandeep Singh Sidhu provided insights into the motives behind this tragic event. The main instigator behind the murder, Amar, had been involved with a girl, later engaged to Rahul. Amar, harboring resentment, confronted Rahul and urged him to distance himself from the girl. However, Rahul, revealing his own engagement to the same girl, insisted that Amar let go. This fueled animosity, prompting Amar to meticulously plan the double murder.

Amar orchestrated a meeting at the Royal Guest House, luring Rahul and his friend, Gulshan, into a trap. A heated argument ensued, culminating in a violent attack by four individuals on Rahul and Gulshan, resulting in their untimely demise.

Post the gruesome act, the assailants disposed of the bodies in a nearby drain with the help of their accomplices. The police swiftly apprehended Amar Yadav, Abhishek, and Aniket, recovering crucial evidence including an Activa scooter, an iron rod, and two mobile phones from the accused. Disturbingly, one of the victims had suffered eye injuries, the exact cause to be determined through a thorough post-mortem examination. Notably, The Ludhiana district police acted swiftly, solving this horrific murder case within 16 hours.