Tragic Accident Unfolds as Bus Plunges Into Canal in Sri Muktsar Sahib, Causing Chaos

Rozana Spokesman

News, Punjab

Speeding Private Bus Veers Out of Control, Resulting in Fear of Multiple Casualties & Damage

Private Bus Accident

SRI MUKTSAR SAHIB: Sri Muktsar Sahib witnessed a tragic accident when a speeding private bus lost control and careened into a canal near the village of Jhabelwali. The incident has left the community in a state of chaos and concern for the passengers aboard.

The bus, traveling at a high speed, suddenly veered off course, leaving the driver struggling to maintain control. Tragically, the vehicle plunged directly into the nearby canal. With a considerable number of passengers on board, the accident raises fears of substantial damage and casualties.

Authorities have confirmed that the accident has resulted in at least two fatalities, and efforts are underway to ascertain the exact toll of the tragedy. The impact of the incident has sent shockwaves through the community and the region. Rescue and relief operations are currently in progress to provide aid to the victims and manage the aftermath of this devastating accident.