Tragedy: Businessman Fatally Shot by Unidentified Assailants in Phagwara

Rozana Spokesman  | Amanat Thaper

News, Punjab

Unknown assailants shot Pankaj Duggal, a grocer & businessman in HP, late at night in Phagwara's New Mansa Devi Nagar

Deceased Businessman

PHAGWARA: In a Grim Incident that transpired late at night, Pankaj Duggal, a businessman and grocer known for his operations in Himachal Pradesh, was fatally shot by unidentified individuals in Phagwara, a town within Kapurthala district. The shooting unfolded within the premises of New Mansa Devi Nagar in Phagwara.

The Victim, identified as Pankaj Duggal, was a prominent grocer who catered to Himachal Pradesh, supplying essential goods to the region. On that fateful night, two unidentified assailants entered Duggal's residence, firing shots at him before swiftly fleeing the scene. The targeted attack resulted in Pankaj sustaining two gunshot wounds, one fatally striking his heart and the other hitting his abdomen.

Tragically, Pankaj Duggal succumbed to his injuries, with medical professionals at Civil Hospital confirming his demise even before his arrival at the facility. As the news of this appalling incident surfaced, SP Gurpreet Singh Gill, accompanied by the police station's in-charge, promptly arrived at the location to initiate investigations.

According to the information gathered, the assailants shot Pankaj Duggal within Mansa Devi Nagar, raising numerous questions surrounding the motive and circumstances of the attack. Pankaj was widely known for his ventures in Himachal Pradesh, specializing in supplying groceries. The authorities are currently working diligently to ascertain the identity and motives of the attackers, gathering crucial evidence from CCTV footage and intensifying their investigative efforts.