Moga: Congress Block President Fatally Shot as Attackers Intrude into His Residence

Rozana Spokesman

News, Punjab

Further investigation in the Matter is Underway

Baljinder Singh Balli

MOGA: In a Shocking Incident, Baljinder Singh Balli, aged 45 and serving as the Congress President for Block Ajitwal in Moga District, met a horrific fate as assailants gunned him down in broad daylight within the confines of his residence. The assailants lured him under the guise of needing his signature for important documents.

The Sequence of events unfolded when Baljinder Singh received a call from an acquaintance requesting his signature on purportedly significant documents. Trusting the caller, he welcomed them into his home. At that moment, Baljinder Singh was occupied with a simple task - cutting his hair. However, the situation took a grim turn when the attackers, arriving on a motorcycle, swiftly drew a 12-bore gun and fired at him.

Notably, The Bullets found their mark, one striking his chest and the other hitting his lower abdomen. Grievously injured, Balli was swiftly transported to Medicity Hospital in Moga for urgent medical attention. Upon learning of the distressing incident, District Police Chief J Elanchezhian, SPD Ajay Raj Singh, and Thana mehna Chief Officer Rajinder Singh promptly arrived at the scene to assess the situation. SPD Ajay Raj Singh informed that authorities are actively pursuing the culprits, utilizing CCTV camera footage and other investigative means to bring them to justice. The community remains in shock and demands swift action to ensure safety and apprehend those responsible for this heinous act.