24 Carat Gold Worth 38 Lakhs Seized from Amritsar Airport 

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Gold Worth 38 Lakhs was hidden in Passenger's Undergarments at Amritsar Airport: Customs

Gold Worth 38 Lakhs Seized from Airport in Amritsar

AMRITSAR: In a significant operation at Amritsar airport, customs authorities successfully confiscated gold worth 38 lakhs, with a purity of 24 carats, from a passenger arriving on Air India flight IX192 from Dubai. The incident took place on the evening of June 18 when vigilant customs staff intercepted the individual for a thorough search.

During the meticulous inspection, the officials made a startling discovery. Hidden within the passenger's undergarments, specifically a vest and underwear, they found meticulously sewn compartments filled with gold paste. The recovered gold weighed approximately 623 grams and boasted a market value of around 38 lakhs.

This incident sheds light on a concerning trend observed in recent times, where smugglers have resorted to innovative methods to transport gold. In this particular case, the usage of gold paste and its concealment within undergarments showcases the lengths to which smugglers will go to bypass security measures. 

Notably, To combat such illicit activities, the customs staff at Amritsar airport has intensified their efforts in scrutinizing passengers, particularly those deemed suspicious. The authorities have implemented regular checks and enhanced surveillance to effectively detect any attempts to smuggle contraband, including gold.