Punjab Govt Fixes Prices of Liquor in Hotels, Marriage Palaces & Resorts; Here's the Rates 

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Punjab Govt Fixes Liquor Prices

MOHALI: Under the leadership of the Punjab Government, the Excise Department has fixed the rate list for the sale of liquor for weddings and other functions in hotels, marriage palaces and resorts etc. Alcohol will now be provided to the people at reasonable prices during the events.

The department has also released a list of foreign brands, wine, gin, vodka etc. along with liquor sold in India. In the letter issued by the Excise Department under the new excise policy, it has been stated that liquor will be sold according to the rates fixed by the department for the year 2023-24. The letter mentions maximum selling prices per box, which are as follows.

These include Solan No. 1, Green Label, ACP, Blue Diamond, Old Monk Rum, Pan Banarasi, Romanov Vodka, DSP. Black, Blue Carpet, Silver Moon Duet, Master Moment, Party Special, Grand Affair, Evening Moment, Royal Journal, Officer's Choice, Black Horse, King Gold, Black Tiger etc. boxes will be available for a maximum of Rs 3500.

Similarly, Imperial Blue, McDowell No.1, O.C. Blue, McDowell Luxury, Patiala Peg, Discovery, Solan No-1, Russian Night, White and Blue Key Box will be available for Rs 4500.

Royal Stag, Red Knight, Royal Challenge, MM. Vodka, All Season, Sterling B-7, 8 PM, Black, Green Sherry Platina, Bakdi Black, Imperial Black has been priced at Rs.6000. Oaken Glow, MM Flavour, Royal Stag Barrel, Whiskey Craft will have a maximum price of Rs 7000 per can.

Blender Pride, Signature, Peter Scotch, Vodka Da Samiran, Bacadi Rum, Rockford, Classic, Rockdew, Sterling B-10, Star Walker, Golfer Shot, Oldmank Supreme will be available at a maximum price of Rs 8000. Antiquity Blue, Blender Reserve, Rockford Reserve, Signature (P), Oldmank Legend, Oaksmith Gold Box Rs 9,000, VAT-69, Passport, Sula wines are priced at a maximum of Rs 10,000.

While 100 Piper, Black & White, Old Smuggler, Lawson, Devers White Label, Jacob Craik wines will be available at Rs 12,000, while Black Dog Century, Teacher Highland, Something Special will be available at Rs 13,000.

Red Label, Absolut Vodka, Valentine, Black & White (12 years), Jim Balm, Zampa Wine Champion will be priced at Rs 15,000 per carton. Black Dog Gold, 100 Piper (12 Year Old), Teacher's 50, Jameson's, Canadian Club, Teacher's Original, Camino Tequila, Souza Tequila, Shambuka, J&B has been priced at a maximum of Rs 19,800 per box.

While Shivas Regal, J.W. Black Label, Teacher's Golden, Ardmore, Balvedra Vodka is priced at 28,600, while Gallinwith (12 years), Glyndefaidich (12 years), Jack Daniel's, Double Black, Ciroc Vodka, Laphroaig (10 years), Monkey Shoulder, Grey-Goose Vodka has a price. Its price has been fixed at Rs 35,000 per box.

Similarly, J.W. The price of Gold Label Reserve, Talisker, Singletone, Gralin-15 years, Shivas Regal (18 years) has been fixed at Rs 44,000 per box. Selling at prices higher than the above prices will be prohibited. These orders have been implemented with immediate effect.