Former Punjab Congress MLA Kulbir Zira Arrested for Alleged Misbehavior at BDPO Office

Rozana Spokesman

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Ferozepur Police Detains Ex-Congress MLA After Accusations of Disrupting Govt Work &  Inappropriate Conduct

Kulbir Singh Zira

ZIRA: Former Punjab Congress MLA, Kulbir Singh Zira, was arrested by Ferozepur police at 5 am under allegations of misbehavior and obstructing government work at the BDPO office. The Arrest took place at his residence in the early hours while he was still asleep. An FIR has been filed against Zira in connection with his protest at the BDPO office.

The FIR was lodged against MLA Zira four days ago in Ferozepur. According to the complaint, the BDPO of Zira reported to the police that between October 11 to 12, Kulbir Singh Zira staged a sit-in protest outside his office. During the demonstration, he and his associates forcibly entered the BDPO's office room.

In addition to disrupting government operations, the Congress leader was accused of behaving inappropriately with government employees. Following the complaint from the BDPO, a case has been registered against Zira under various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). Responding to the FIR, Kulbir Zira took to social media and posted a video, explaining that he had participated in the ongoing sit-in at the BDPO office to advocate for the rights of local sarpanches in his area. He emphasized that the case was filed against him and his associates due to this reason.

Zira expressed his approval for the decision made by the present Aam Aadmi Party-led government in Punjab, claiming to bring about change. He announced plans to hold a press conference on October 17 at noon, where he intended to disclose evidence against the MLAs and officials of the 18-month-old 'AAP' government in Punjab and call for their arrest. However, prior to the scheduled press conference, he was apprehended from his residence in the morning.