Major Action in Drug Trafficking Case: CM Bhagwant Mann dismisses Ex-SSP Raj Jit Singh 

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SSP Raj Jit Singh has been sacked with immediate effect

Ex-SSP Raj Jit Singh 

MOHALI: Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann has dismissed PPS officer Raj Jit Singh in a major action in connection with the drug trafficking case. After opening the sealed reports in the drug case, the names of many senior police officers have been revealed.

Taking major action in this case, SSP Raj Jit Singh has been sacked with immediate effect. Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann himself has shared information on Twitter. Notably, the sealed reports also revealed that false cases of drug trafficking have been registered against many people. Following this, major action has been taken by the Chief Minister.

Giving information about this, he wrote, "No one involved in drug trafficking will be spared. After scrutinizing the sealed envelope reports, Rajjit Singh PPS is named in a drug smuggling case and dismissed immediately. Vigilance has also been asked to check the property earned by smuggling 'drugs'."

Earlier, the name of the dismissed Inspector Inderjit Singh had also come up in the case of extorting money. According to these sealed investigation reports opened in the High Court, the sacked Inspector Inderjit Singh has also allegedly been charged for demanding huge sums of money by putting drug trafficking cases on innocent people.