Bathinda Military Firing Case: Bathinda Police Arrests Army Jawan

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Bathinda Military Firing Case: Bathinda Police Arrests Army Jawan

Bathinda Police Arrests Accused

BATHINDA: On April 12, four jawans were fired at by a fellow soldier at the Bathinda military station. The police arrested the accused gunner Desai Mohan on Monday. During the interrogation, he told that the jawans on whom he fired, used to humiliate him.

Reportedly, Sagar Banne, Kamlesh R, Yogesh Kumar J and Santosh Kumar Nagaral were killed during the firing. After this incident, Desai also misled the officials. Desai had said that he had seen some suspicious people who ran towards the forest. On the basis of his statements, when the investigation was conducted, major revelations come to the fore.

According to the police, Gunner Desai Mohan said that the four jawans used to humiliate him. The police have not yet given an official statement about the cause of the killings.

Meanwhile, the SSP and Army officers informed during the press conference that Desai Mohan, who was posted as a sentry, had a personal dispute with his colleagues. After shooting, he threw the rifle into the water well. At present, he has been arrested and will be produced in court. The police resolved the matter by carrying out a joint operation with the army.