Orders Issued to Depute Security Personnel at ATMs in Ludhiana

Rozana Spokesman  | Amanat Thaper

News, Punjab

Instructions have been issued to shopkeepers selling uniforms of Punjab Police

IPS Soumya Mishra

LUDHIANA: Joint Commissioner of Police, Ludhiana Soumya Mishra, has ordered to depute at least one security personnel from 08:00 PM to 06:00 AM at ATMs located within the area, during the said hours. Any ATM without a security guard will not be allowed to be operated.

In the issued orders, IPS Soumya Mishra said that some illegal organizations have installed ATMs in different cities of Punjab. An attempt has been made to loot or vandalize, which creates a sense of panic and fear in the minds of the general public. Therefore, there is a need to take concrete steps in the public interest to stop the robbery and vandalism of ATMs so that the feelings of public confidence can be maintained.

In another order, various instructions have been issued to shopkeepers selling uniforms of Punjab Police, Punjab Home Guards, Paramilitary Forces and Army located within Commissionerate Ludhiana, keeping in view the safety of general public.

IPS Soumya Mishra, has issued instructions to the persons or shopkeepers selling uniform equipment of Punjab Police, Punjab Home Guard, Paramilitary Forces and Army to ensure that they prepare complete records about their business and submit monthly reports at the police station in this regard.  They have issued instructions that whenever any person comes to them (the shopkeeper) to purchase any kind of uniform accessories, the details of the goods sold to them (the buyer) and the buyer's identity card, mobile number and residential address and other details should be entered in the entry register.

The official said that sometimes anti-social elements can execute any untoward incident by illegally using para military forces and army uniforms. These orders have been issued to stop this illegal use. The orders will come into force immediately and will continue for the next two months from the date of issue.