G-20 Summit: Foreign Guests danced at Bhangra beat in Amritsar

Rozana Spokesman  | Amanat Thaper

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Foreign guests also enjoyed the taste of Punjabi Cuisine

G-20 Summit in Amritsar

AMRITSAR: During the ongoing G-20 Summit at Amritsar, the delegates from different countries enjoyed Punjab's hospitality, culture and delicious cuisine. After the second Education Working Group seminar at the local Hotel Radisson Blu last evening, a pandal was held for the reception of foreign guests in the courtyard of the hotel with a beautiful rendition of folk instruments and folk songs by artists to showcase the rich culture and heritage of Punjab. 

Beautiful colors of Punjabi folk music were presented by the artists dressed in traditional Punjabi costumes with traditional instruments such as Tumbi, Algoza, Sarangi, Dhol, Nagara, Bean, Bounsari, Chimta, Bugchu, Chaine etc. The beat of dhol and mesmerizing sounds of various instruments forced the foreign guests to dance on bhangra beats. The foreign guests expressed their happiness by performing folk dances Bhangra and Giddha along with Punjabi artistes. On this occasion, foreign guests also enjoyed the taste of Punjabi cuisine.

On this occasion, Alfred Mac Gatto, Director Institutional Funding representing South Africa praised the hospitality of Punjab and said, "I heard a lot about the openness of Punjab and Punjabis and today I enjoyed the hospitality of Punjabis and their rich culture here. I felt great by dancing on bhangra beats."

Delegate Deung Yuan, Deputy Dean, Graduate School of Education, who arrived from Beijing, the capital of China, also praised Punjabi folk dance Bhangra and Punjabi food and said that nobody can copy the tradition of hospitality of Punjabis. He said that he had come to India and Punjab for the first time and the friendly nature and hospitality of the residents had won his heart.

Delegates from Abu Dhabi Hend-ul-Tayer, Director, Department of Science and Technology and Nicholas Reuse, Senior Education Advisor, UNICEF, New York, also performed Bhangra to the beat of drums and enjoyed delicious Punjabi cuisine.

Director and Vice Chancellor of Tata Institute of Social Science, Mumbai Shalini Bharat said that Punjab is the crown of India and its people and culture have their own distinct identity. She said that the arrangements made by the Punjab government for the hospitality of the delegates of the country and abroad who reached Amritsar during the G-20 summit are 'kabal-e-tarif'.