Tragic Discovery: Body of Missing 24-Year-Old Found in Bhakra Canal

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Jagdeep Singh, Reported Missing After Volleyball Match Found Deceased in Nearby Canal

Deceased Jagdeep Singh

BANUR: In a somber turn of events, the lifeless body of Jagdeep Singh, a 24-year-old youth reported missing since last Sunday, has been discovered in the Bhakra Canal near Banur. The unsettling incident unfolded after Jagdeep Singh failed to return home after playing a volleyball match in the nearby village of Khaspur.

Jagdeep's father, Hakam Singh, took the matter to the Banur police station, filing a complaint expressing concern about his son's sudden disappearance. According to Investigating officer ASI Baljinder Singh Dhillon, Jagdeep had left to participate in a volleyball match and lost contact with his family after the event. Distressingly, his phone was switched off when the family tried to reach him.

Fearing for his safety, the family initiated a frantic search across various locations and among relatives, yielding no information about Jagdeep's whereabouts. The concerned family lodged a formal complaint with the police, triggering an investigation into the missing youth's case.

ASI Baljinder Singh shared that during the search, Jagdeep's motorcycle was found abandoned near Mandoli village, situated along the banks of the Narwana branch of the Bhakra canal. Despite the discovery of the motorcycle, there were no leads regarding Jagdeep's location at that point. The search intensified, and tragically, on Thursday, the lifeless body of Jagdeep Singh was found floating in the canal near Jansui Head.

Notably, The police have taken custody of the deceased youth's body and initiated further necessary procedures. The community is left in sorrow, mourning the untimely loss of a young life.