Strict Ticket Checking Results in Rs 3.43 Crore Fine Collection from Fare Evaders in Ferozepur

Rozana Spokesman

News, Punjab

369 Passengers were fined a total of over Rs 77,000 for littering around the Stations


FEROZEPUR: The ticket checking team of Ferozepur division has intensified its efforts to curb ticketless and irregular travel by conducting stringent ticket checks on trains. In the month of June alone, the ticket checking staff and chief ticket inspectors of the division apprehended a staggering 35,986 passengers who were found traveling without tickets or with irregular travel patterns. Consequently, fines amounting to approximately Rs 3.43 crore were collected from the offenders.

In a bid to maintain cleanliness at railway stations and raise awareness about the importance of cleanliness among the general public, regular checks are conducted at major stations within the division. As a part of this initiative, 369 passengers were fined a total of over Rs 77,000 for littering around the stations.

Dr. Seema Sharma, the Divisional Railway Manager, emphasized that this campaign would persist in the Ferozepur Division. The ongoing ticket checking drives and cleanliness awareness efforts aim to create a clean and hygienic environment for all railway passengers and to instill a sense of responsibility towards maintaining cleanliness at stations.

The robust ticket checking operations not only aim to ensure that every passenger possesses a valid ticket but also serve as a deterrent against ticketless travel. The substantial amount collected in fines from fare evaders underscores the importance of adhering to ticketing regulations and the commitment of Ferozepur division to enforcing these rules.