Pakistani Citizen Apprehended by BSF in Amritsar Sector

Rozana Spokesman

News, Punjab

BSF's swift action to ensure peaceful resolution


AMRITSAR: Border Security Force (BSF) personnel have successfully detained a Pakistani national near the Indian border in the Amritsar sector. After a day-long process of thorough interrogation and investigation, the individual was eventually handed over to the Pakistani Rangers late at night, showcasing a demonstration of humanity and adherence to established protocols.

As per the available information, the Pakistani citizen was apprehended by vigilant BSF jawans while attempting to cross the barbed wire fencing near Kamirpura village in the Gurdaspur sector of Amritsar district. During the questioning, it came to light that the individual had unknowingly strayed into Indian territory and had no objectionable items in their possession.

Subsequently, the BSF officials promptly initiated communication with the Pakistani Rangers to relay information about the detained Pakistani national. After the necessary verification process conducted by the Pakistani Rangers, the individual was formally handed over to them during the late hours of the night.