Punjab Vigilance Interrogates former Congress MLA Satkar Kaur Gehri for 3 Hrs

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Vigilance Initiated probe in case of Assets Exceeding Income

Punjab Vigilance Bureau

FEROZEPUR (Nirvair Singh Sindhi): Former Congress MLA of Ferozepur Rural Constituency Satkar Kaur Gehri, who left Congress and joined BJP, was interrogated by Ferozepur vigilance officials about her property for about 3 hours.

When contacted in this regard, Vigilance Bureau's Ferozepur DSP Kewal Krishan said that the department has received a vigilance inquiry regarding the case of assets exceeding income against former MLA Satkar Kaur Gehri, regarding which they have inquired from the MLA. They have to submit the inquiry report related to this complaint within 3 months and if further need arises, she will be called again for questioning.

Reportedly, Former MLA Satkar Kaur Gehri and her husband Laddi Gehri said that they were called by the Vigilance Department in the matter of property. The former MLA said that they have given complete answers to all the questions asked by the vigilance officials and in case if vigilance called them again, they will give full support to the department in the investigation.