Tragic Suicides in Bathinda: Farmers Succumb to Debt-Induced Despair

Rozana Spokesman

News, Punjab

Two Farmers, Sukhchain Singh & Mahinder Singh, Take Their Lives Amidst Crushing Debt Burdens in Bathinda

Deceased Farmer

BATHINDA: The Relentless burden of debt has claimed the lives of two farmers in Bathinda, as Sukhchain Singh of Phulewala village and Mahinder Singh of Jethuke village tragically resorted to suicide in the face of mounting financial distress.

Sukhchain Singh, the son of Pritam Singh, found himself gripped in a web of debt, totaling approximately Rs 8 lakhs. The weight of this financial crisis pushed him to a desperate act of consuming poison, ultimately leading to his untimely demise.

Sukhchain, a farmer engaged in small-scale farming, had been tilling nine acres of land under contract. Despite his earnest efforts, the burden of debt grew insurmountable, leaving him with no recourse but to take his own life. The heart-wrenching incident prompted action by the Phulewala police station, who initiated proceedings under Section 174 of the Indian Penal Code, based on statements provided by Seera, the brother of the deceased farmer.

In a parallel tragedy, Mahinder Singh, a farmer from Jethuke village in Bathinda district, also succumbed to the overwhelming weight of debt by consuming poison. Mahinder, grappling with a debt load of around Rs 8 lakhs, comprising both government and non-government loans, had been enduring immense emotional turmoil due to his dire financial situation.

Notably, These heartrending incidents serve as stark reminders of the dire financial struggles confronting many farmers in the region. The relentless cycle of debt, exacerbated by various factors, has pushed these individuals to the brink of despair. There is an urgent need for comprehensive support systems and interventions in these matters.