Tragic Death of Punjabi University Student Sparks Claim of Mental Harassment Against Professor

Rozana Spokesman

News, Punjab

Protests Erupted on Campus as Students & Parents Rally Against the Alleged Mistreatment and Lack of Leave Granted to the Deceased Student

Protest Staged at Punjabi University Campus

PATIALA: The Unfortunate passing of Jashandeep Kaur, a first-year student pursuing the five-year Punjabi Integrated Course at Punjabi University, has plunged the institution into turmoil, with allegations of mental harassment directed at a professor. Jashandeep, hailing from the village Chowke in Bathinda, tragically succumbed to her ailments after allegedly being denied the compassionate leave she needed.

Jashandeep's brother, Jagsir Singh, revealed that she had fallen ill and requested a leave of absence, which was reportedly granted for a mere five days. She returned home to Bathinda, where she received medical treatment but tragically passed away during the night. The family has asserted that she was undergoing immense mental stress due to the circumstances surrounding her leave request.

The family's grievances are compounded by allegations of uncooperative behavior from the concerned professor. Additionally, fellow students have claimed that Jashandeep had been reprimanded, further exacerbating her distress. Notably, The university administration, in response to the escalating situation, has convened meetings to address the matter. Professor Surjit, overseeing the five-year integrated language courses, has refuted the allegations, deeming them baseless.

University Vice Chancellor Prof. Arvind clarified that Jashandeep Kaur had indeed been suffering from an illness and was undergoing medical treatment. He asserted that her parents had taken her home on the preceding day. Moreover, the university's health center had provided her with necessary medical assistance during her time on campus. As the university community grapples with the tragic loss of a promising student, questions linger about the circumstances surrounding her request for leave and the allegations of mental harassment. The incident underscores the importance of ensuring the well-being and mental health of students, prompting calls for a thorough investigation in the matter.