Elderly Couple in Jalandhar Falls Victim to Robbers Posing as Holy Men, Lose Jewelry Worth 16 Lakhs

Rozana Spokesman  | Amanat Thaper

News, Punjab

Further investigation in the matter is underway 


JALANDHAR: The City of Jalandhar grapples with an alarming surge in criminal activities, with the latest incident exposing the audacity of robbers who used a guise of piety to commit a brazen theft in Rajnagar. Harbhajan Singh and his wife Manjit Kaur, an elderly couple, fell prey to the criminals who posed as spiritual leaders and duped them into parting with their precious jewelry, amounting to a staggering Rs 16 lakhs.

The Shocking incident unfolded when the impostor, dressed as a 'Baba' (holy man), manipulated the elderly couple by promising to rid their home of ailments. With cunning precision, the robber seized the opportunity to carry out a well-planned heist under the pretext of providing spiritual blessings.

Harbhajan Singh and Manjit Kaur promptly reported the incident to the Bawa Basti Khel police station, detailing the theft of 5 Tola gold ornaments by the imposter Baba. The couple's ordeal began as they left the bank after withdrawing money, with the robbers in close pursuit. Among the criminals, a woman played an integral role, skillfully extolling the Baba's virtues to gain the trust of the unsuspecting couple.

The robbers executed their scheme meticulously. As Harbhajan Singh and Manjit Kaur exited the bank premises, the imposter Baba was strategically positioned, already waiting. The accompanying woman, part of the criminal gang, lavished praise upon the Baba, manipulating the elderly couple's emotions.

Upon reaching their residence in Rajnagar, the imposter Baba assured the couple that their household maladies would be vanquished and promised to double the value of their gold jewelry. Inside their home, the fraudulent holy man wreaked havoc. Seizing the moment, the couple was handed a white bundle and instructed to place all their ornaments inside it, with the promise of the jewels being magically multiplied.

Trusting the imposter, the family complied, surrendering their own jewelry as well as that belonging to their daughter-in-law into the white bag provided by the deceitful Baba. Unbeknownst to them, the imposter Baba swapped the bundle and swiftly exited the residence, shedding his disguise, and made a quick getaway on a motorcycle, accompanied by an accomplice. Notably, further investigation in the matter is underway and the authorities are actively pursuing leads to apprehend the culprits.