WATCH: Pressure Cooker Explosion Caught on CCTV at Punjab Residence

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CCTV Footage Reveals Dramatic Incident as Family Escapes Unharmed

Pressure Cooker Explosion Punjab News

Pressure Cooker Explosion Punjab News: In a startling incident captured on CCTV, a pressure cooker exploded inside a residence at Patiala, Punjab, creating a moment of panic in the family kitchen. Fortunately, all family members, including a child, managed to escape unharmed.

The security camera footage circulating online documents a tense moment as family members gather around the kitchen, engaged in cooking activities. Suddenly, the pressure cooker, positioned on the stove, erupts into a violent explosion, sending shockwaves through the household.

Despite the intensity of the explosion, reports confirm that all family members present during the incident miraculously escaped without any injuries. The footage shows a quick response from the individuals as they move away from the kitchen area, avoiding potential harm.

As pressure cookers are commonly used in households for cooking, it serves as a reminder to exercise caution and adhere to safety guidelines. Regular maintenance checks, proper usage, and ensuring that pressure cookers are in good condition can significantly reduce the risk of such incidents.


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