Former Punjab Minister Raj Kumar Verka Reunites with Congress: Leaves BJP

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Raj Kumar Verka expressed disillusionment with the BJP's approach

Raj Kumar Verka

AMRITSAR: In a surprising turn of events, former Punjab Minister Raj Kumar Verka has decided to return to the Congress party, marking his departure from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) after a brief association. This move is significant as he is the first leader to retrace his steps back to the Congress after a defeat in the 2022 assembly elections led him to switch his allegiance to the BJP.

During a press conference, Raj Kumar Verka announced his resignation from the BJP and expressed his intention to rejoin the Congress in the presence of senior party leaders in Delhi. He cited his realization that the BJP was not the right fit for Punjab and the nation, emphasizing that the country's safety lies in the hands of the Congress. He also expressed disillusionment with the BJP's approach, mentioning that the Congress is a party that embraces inclusivity.

Verka acknowledged his prior allegiance to the Congress, where he had served in various significant roles for 22 years. His departure from the party had come as a surprise to many, and his return has similarly caught the attention of political circles.

"I am going back to my home. I had made a mistake, and I felt that the BJP was not the right choice for the country and Punjab. The country can remain safe only in the hands of the Congress. BJP is not a party that takes everyone along," Verka stated during the press conference. He added that he would be rejoining the Congress in Delhi and expected other leaders to correct their course and join the Congress as well.

This Return to the Congress is seen as a potential trend, with other disillusioned BJP leaders like former Punjab ministers Gurpreet Singh Kangar, Sundar Sham Arora, Jeet Mahinder Sidhu, Amrik Singh Samrala, Rinwa, and Joshan possibly following suit and rejoining Congress. Partap Singh Bajwa has also arrived in Delhi to facilitate their inclusion in the Congress.