Mobile Phone Thefts Worth Crores Plague Punjab & Chandigarh Monthly; Read More

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Intriguing Figures Reveal Over 1.5 Crore Mobile Phones Lost or Stolen Monthly in the Region; 'Saathi' Portal Aids in Recovery

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CHANDIGARH: Startling statistics indicate that Punjab and Chandigarh collectively experience the theft or loss of approximately 1.5 crore mobile phones every month. While this figure may seem astonishing, it reflects the concerning trend of mobile phone-related crimes in the region. Nationwide, the tally of lost or stolen mobile phones each month stands at approximately 50 crores. Fortunately, the Department of Telecommunications has introduced the Communication Partner Portal, offering a ray of hope in the fight against mobile phone theft.

The 'Saathi' portal, launched on May 16, has emerged as a powerful tool to track and block stolen or lost smartphones, helping individuals recover their valuable devices and safeguard their personal information. Integrated into the Central Equipment Identification Register (CEIR), the Saathi portal has garnered a notable response from the public since its inception.

Punjab, with a mobile phone user base of around 4.5 crore, has witnessed 5,341 individuals registering complaints about their stolen mobile phones on the 'Saathi' portal. These proactive actions have resulted in the blocking of SIM cards associated with the stolen devices. Similarly, Chandigarh, with a smaller population, has seen 339 individuals seeking assistance through the 'Saathi' portal.

The Portal's impact extends beyond merely reporting thefts; it has successfully traced and recovered lost or stolen mobile phones in the region. In Punjab, the 'Saathi' portal has facilitated the tracing of 1,572 such devices, with 258 of them being successfully recovered. In Chandigarh, the portal has led to the tracing of 92 lost or stolen mobile phones, with 13 of them being successfully recovered.

Notably, The Saathi portal's effectiveness underscores the importance of technology-driven solutions in tackling mobile phone theft. As more individuals become aware of this resource, it is expected to play an increasingly pivotal role in reducing the incidence of mobile phone-related crimes in Punjab and Chandigarh.