CM Bhagwant Mann's First Statement after Landslide Victory in Jalandhar

Rozana Spokesman  | Amanat Thaper

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People have appreciated the work of Aam Aadmi Party: CM Mann

CM Bhagwant Mann

JALANDHAR: The Aam Aadmi Party has received major victory in the Jalandhar by-elections, after which the first statement of Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann has come to the dore. CM Bhagwant Mann said that the Jalandhar victory has increased his responsibility even more and now the party will start mission on making Jalandhar clean. People have once again shown faith in AAP that the party will not let go.

CM Mann said, "It has been proved that the people have appreciated the works of Aam Aadmi Party. People have liked the decisions taken during our 14 months government and they have given us an opportunity to serve in the Jalandhar Lok Sabha seat as well. People have shown that they are with us."

"We have not asked for votes in the name of religion but have politicized the issues. During the Jalandhar election campaign, we talked to the farmers, laborers, traders and listened to their problems and assured  to solve them because we have stood up to the promises we made earlier, that's why the voters of Jalandhar have trusted us and handed over a big responsibility to us", Says CM Mann. 

He added, "During the Jalandhar election campaign, we are grateful to those who honored us, respected us, showered flowers on us. CM Mann said that those who abused us and made wrong comments, may they also be well. In the coming days, our political opponents may also change their agenda because people have rejected wrong politics. Now people are not liking those who talk big, taunt or make personal comments, but those who do the politics of development."