Tragic Demise of Two Pilgrims from Punjab During Manimahesh Yatra

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News, Punjab

Pathankot Resident Succumbs to Breathing Difficulties in Gaurikund

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SHIMLA: The Revered Manimhesh Yatra, a spiritual journey undertaken by countless devotees, has been marked by a poignant incident as two pilgrims from Punjab tragically lost their lives during the sacred pilgrimage. Among the unfortunate casualties is 53-year-old Jarnail Singh, a resident of Valsuha in Faridnagar, Pathankot.

The harrowing incident unfolded when Jarnail Singh, accompanied by friends, embarked on the spiritually significant Manimhesh Yatra from Punjab. Their pilgrimage led them to Gaurikund, where the serene atmosphere was suddenly disrupted by Jarnail Singh's deteriorating health.

On Sunday night, upon reaching Gaurikund, Jarnail Singh began experiencing acute breathing difficulties, a distressing ordeal he promptly shared with his concerned companions. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, his friends swiftly transported him to the nearest health facility in a bid to seek medical assistance. Tragically, despite their immediate efforts and the gravity of the situation, Jarnail Singh's condition deteriorated rapidly, leading to his untimely demise within a short span of time. The loss of a fellow pilgrim left the entire group in a state of shock and sorrow.

In response to this heart-wrenching incident, a team from the Mountaineering Institute intervened, ensuring the respectful handling of Jarnail Singh's remains. The body was subsequently transported to the Civil Hospital in Bharmour for a thorough post-mortem examination. After the completion of the necessary procedures, the mortal remains of Jarnail Singh were tenderly handed over to his grieving family members.

This tragic incident marks the second fatality during the ongoing Manimhesh Yatra. SDM Bharmour, Kulwant Singh, officially confirmed the passing of the pilgrim from Punjab during this sacred journey, underscoring the need for utmost care and preparedness when undertaking such spiritual trip.