Elderly Man Passes Away from Brain Hemorrhage in Australia During Visit

Rozana Spokesman

News, Punjab

Jodha Singh, Resident of Old Bangari Village, undertaken the overseas trip to spend time with his family in Australia

Deceased Jodha Singh (67)

BATALA: In a heartbreaking turn of events, Jodha Singh (67), a resident of Old Bangari village, who had embarked on a journey to Australia to visit his daughter and son-in-law approximately one and a half months ago, tragically passed away due to a brain hemorrhage while abroad.

The somber news was confirmed by Gurmeet Singh, Jodha Singh's family member, who expressed deep sorrow over the sudden loss of their loved one. Jodha Singh had undertaken the overseas trip to spend time with his family in Australia when the unfortunate incident occurred.

Following the devastating news of Jodha Singh's demise, his grieving family along with Baba Hazur Singh Bagri, issued a heartfelt plea to both the central government and the Punjab government. They demands authorities to facilitate the swift repatriation of Jodha Singh's mortal remains to his native village. This, they assert, would enable them to conduct the final rites in accordance with their religious customs and traditions.

Notably, Jodha Singh is survived by his two daughters and a son, and his untimely passing has left a void in the hearts of his family and friends. As they grapple with the profound grief of losing a cherished family member, their fervent wish is to bid him a respectful farewell on the soil he called home for so many years.