Anticipatory Bail Granted to IAS Officer's Wife in Guava Tree Compensation Scam

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Chandigarh High Court Approves Jasmin Kaur's Bail Application Amid Embezzlement Accusations

IAS officer Rajesh Dhiman

CHANDIGARH: In a significant legal development, the Chandigarh High Court has granted anticipatory bail to Jasmin Kaur, the wife of IAS officer Rajesh Dhiman, in connection with the Guava Tree Compensation Scam. Kaur had been accused of misappropriating a substantial sum of Rs 1.17 crore designated as compensation.

During the court proceedings, Jasmin Kaur disclosed that she stood accused of embezzling a staggering Rs 1.17 crore allocated for compensation. In adherence to the court's directives, she had previously deposited 50 percent of this amount with the lower court.

This Development follows the earlier grant of interim anticipatory bail to Kaur by the High Court, contingent upon her depositing ?58.5 lakh with the lower court within a one-month timeframe and cooperating with the ongoing investigation within 10 days.

Notably, The case against Jasmin Kaur, IAS officer Rajesh Dhiman's spouse, was filed by the Vigilance Bureau on May 2, with the Mohali Vigilance Bureau police station as the locus of the investigation. According to the FIR, Kaur is among the 18 individuals accused in the multi-crore Guava Tree Compensation Scandal. The latest court decision has paved the way for her continued cooperation with the legal process as the case unfolds.