Cyber Fraud: Skipping Advertisements leads to Transmit Control of Mobile to Crooks 

Rozana Spokesman  | Amanat Thaper

News, Punjab

Mobiles and systems get hacked as soon as clicked on a link

Cyber Fraud

MOHALI: Cyber crooks have found a new way for committing frauds. Cyber criminals have adopted such a method that no one can even guess that they are getting cheated. This method of sending a scam link is part of the daily routine of Internet life.

Mobiles and systems get hacked as soon as clicked on a link. After which your money and personal data gets into the hands of these crooks. Every day two to three complaints are coming in about this new method of cheating. Cyber Cell is also working on this and making people aware, so that people don't lose their deposited capital by falling prey to this fraud.

Although in many cases the money of the people has been returned by the police, but still people are being made aware over the matter. Around 1200 complaints are still in the police records which are under investigation. 

Notably, Whenever we watch a video, an ad appears in it, only then the option to skip ad appears. Cyber crooks have also set up a cheat link in a technical way that if you press the skip button your phone or system goes in the control of the hackers. This fraud is limited in some sites.