Changes in Govt Schools of Punjab for Overall Growth of Children 

Rozana Spokesman  | Amanat Thaper

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New activities will be conducted every month in Govt Schools

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LUDHIANA: Punjab government is going to make many changes in government schools. Under which the morale of children will increase and they will be able to show their talent in every field. The Punjab government wants to connect the parents of the children directly with the schools, so that the parents will be able to see the overall development of their child in the school every month.

New activities will be conducted every month in government schools, in which to encourage the performing children, the school head will ensure that on the day the activity is to be conducted, the parents of the students and the village and the dignitaries of the city should also be invited to the school. Instructions have been issued to the schools in this regard.

The department has released activity calendars before the start of the new session. The aim of the Punjab government is to connect children with activities other than books. With which they can keep complete information about society apart from books. Such activities are conducted every month in private schools. AAP government has started this new initiative in government schools.

In this regard, the department has also issued a list of activities and the district education officers have been ordered that teachers will help students during these monthly activities. Artifacts produced by students should be displayed on the display board. Photos and videos of these artworks should be shared in children's WhatsApp groups. Artifacts, photos and videos created by students participating in these activities should be shared on the school's Facebook page, WhatsApp.

These activities include wheat rings, photo frame, collage, swing, doll making, mask, lantern making, hair fair, airplane making using wooden clips and sticks, paper airplane, tricolor page making, sports day, paper pistol making as well as graduation ceremonies.