Tragic Accident Claims Motorcyclist's Life on Amritsar-Lahore Road

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Hit-and-Run Incident Sparks Heated Confrontation Between Grieving Family & Police

Road Accident

AMRISTAR: In a devastating incident late at night on the Amritsar-Lahore road, Harpreet Singh, a resident of Gumanpura, lost his life in a tragic road accident. The heart-wrenching incident unfolded as the driver of a car involved in the accident abandoned the scene, prompting a swift response from law enforcement authorities. The local police have initiated an investigation into the incident, while tensions ran high as the deceased's family confronted the police at the scene. Subsequently, the deceased's brother resorted to vandalizing the involved vehicle.

According to an eyewitness, Ravinder Singh, who was present at the scene, the Innova car was hurtling down the road at an alarming speed. Simultaneously, the motorcyclist was also traveling in the same direction. The collision was of such magnitude that the motorcyclist was propelled several feet into the air before landing in a forward motion. Adding to the distressing circumstances, the car occupants appeared to be under the influence of alcohol, with four individuals inside the vehicle.

Prompt response from fellow motorcyclists saw the injured young man being swiftly transported to a nearby hospital. Tragically, doctors at the hospital declared Harpreet Singh deceased due to the severity of his injuries. Upon learning of the accident, the parents and brother of the deceased, Gurpreet Singh, arrived at the scene during the late hours of the night. However, their interaction with the police took a heated turn as the grieving family voiced concerns over the adequacy of the ongoing investigation.

The Family alleges that the police failed to conduct a proper examination of the accident and that the car's documents were not adequately verified. Tensions escalated further when the family accused the police of allowing the driver of the car to escape. In response to these allegations, the aggrieved brother resorted to vandalizing the Innova car involved in the accident.

Notably, Law enforcement officials later arrived at the scene to take possession of the vehicle and calm the situation. The police, at this stage of the investigation, have reported that no eyewitnesses have come forward to provide an account of how the tragic accident occurred. They refute the family's allegations of misconduct and stress that the car's occupants had fled the scene before their arrival. Following a postmortem examination, the body of Harpreet Singh will be released to the grieving family for final rites.