No Talks Yet with High Command on Akali-BJP Alliance: Punjab BJP Chief Sunil Jakhar

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Sunil Jakhar Awaits High Command's Decision on Alliance

Sunil Jakhar

CHANDIGARH: Punjab BJP President Sunil Jakhar, who recently assumed the role to bolster the party's presence in the state, has clarified that no discussions have taken place regarding a potential alliance between the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD). Speaking during an interview with PTC, Jakhar indicated that he would offer his perspective when the party's high command initiates such discussions.

-- Jakhar's Departure from Congress & Views on Hindu Rashtra

Reflecting on his departure from the Indian National Congress (INC), where he held significant positions, Jakhar mentioned that he left the party due to unilateral decisions made by the high command, which he found unacceptable. He acknowledged the presence of like-minded Congress members who shared his sentiments.

Commenting on the topic of a Hindu Rashtra, Sunil Jakhar noted that fanaticism exists in various religions, including the BJP, where some individuals advocate for Sanatan Dharma.

-- Jakhar's Perspective on Law Enforcement & the Impact of Political Alliances

Discussing law enforcement, Sunil Jakhar highlighted that Punjab holds a unique position as a circular state in India. Regarding political alliances and the impact on Congress, he expressed concerns that such alliances, like the one with the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), could potentially weaken the party's presence, especially in states like Punjab and Rajasthan. He drew a vivid analogy, likening the alliance to a situation where "police and thieves are going to mix."

Jakhar also commented on the evolving landscape of Punjab politics, observing that some Congress leaders who once stood tall have faced setbacks, while prominent leaders who capitulated to the government still maintain their positions.

Despite speculation regarding a possible Akali-BJP alliance, Jakhar focused on the purpose of his appearance on the PTC program, "Vichar Taqrar." He emphasized that his primary goal is to contribute constructively to the discussion rather than engage in speculation.