Students Health Deteriorated after Tetanus Vaccination in Govt School, Hospitalized

Rozana Spokesman

News, Punjab

About 15 Girl Students were admitted to the hospital

Students Health Deteriorated after Tetanus Vaccination

Machhiwara Sahib: The Condition of girl students deteriorated after tetanus vaccination at Government Girls Senior Secondary School in Machhiwara Sahib. About 15 female students were admitted to the hospital. The parents have accused the school administration of negligence.

During the conversation, the students said that when they were injected, some started feeling dizzy and some started getting nervous. Due to which they were brought to the hospital. On the other hand, the parents said that the school children have injected without permission. It is the school's fault. Who was responsible if there was a loss of life?

Dr. Rishav Dutt said, "Vaccination is conducted every week. Under the same series, vaccinations were given to schoolgirls. The same vaccines were administered to pregnant women as well. A few female students have faced a problem. There is no danger to their health."