Lok Sabha By-Elections: 54.5 Percent Polling Recorded in Jalandhar 

Rozana Spokesman

News, Punjab

Highest polling was recorded in the Kartarpur assembly constituency at 57.4%

Lok Sabha By-Elections Jalandhar

CHANDIGARH (Anil Bhardwaj): A total of 54.5 percent votes were cast during the Jalandhar Lok Sabha by-election, in which the highest polling was recorded in the Kartarpur assembly constituency at 57.4 percent. Out of total 1621800 voters, 884627 voted. 111664 out of 200018 voters in Vidhan Sabha constituency Phillaur, 106786 out of 191067 voters in Nakodar constituency and 104494 out of 182026 voters in Shahkot constituency. Similarly, 104164 out of 179704 voters cast their votes in Kartarpur constituency, 93803 out of 165973 voters in Jalandhar West constituency, 82328 out of 168237 voters in Jalandhar Central constituency and 99760 out of 183363 voters in Jalandhar North constituency.

Notably, As per the data, 92625 out of total 186450 voters in Jalandhar cantonment and 89003 out of 164962 voters in Adampur constituency voted. In terms of vote percentage in the Vidhan Sabha constituencies, the highest polling was 58% in Kartarpur, 54% in Adampur, 49.7% in Jalandhar Cantonment, 48.9% in Jalandhar Central, 54.4% in Jalandhar North, 56.5% in Jalandhar West. was registered 55.9 percent votes were cast in Nakodar, 57.4 percent in Shahkot and 55.8 percent in Phillaur. The counting of votes will be held on May 13 at Kapurthala Chowk near Director Land Records and Sports College Complex.