Punjab Govt Vs Governor Row: Punjab Governor is playing with fire, says SC

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Court Questions Governor's Authority, Urges Resolution in Punjab Government Vs Governor Conflict

Punjab Govt Vs Governor Row Latest News

Punjab Govt Vs Governor Row Latest News: In a pivotal Supreme Court hearing, the ongoing discord between the Punjab Government and the Governor took center stage, drawing intense scrutiny from the judiciary. The contentious issue revolves around the Governor's refusal to ratify bills passed in the assembly, branding the session as illegal, a move questioned vehemently by the apex court.

Supreme Court Challenges Governor's Actions

During the hearing, Chief Justice DY Chandrachud expressed grave concern over the Governor's stance, remarking, "Governor is playing with fire." The court raised fundamental queries regarding the Governor's jurisdiction in labeling a legislative session as illegal and withholding approval for bills duly passed in the assembly. The court, emphasizing the Speaker's authority to call sessions, demanded clarification on the Governor's powers to challenge this prerogative.

Legal Standoff: Government Advocates Assert Impediments

Advocate Abhishek Manu Singhvi, representing the Punjab government, underscored the impracticability of convening a legislative session amidst the prevailing Governor's stance. The court echoed this sentiment, questioning the legitimacy of bills passed if the Governor continues to brand the session as unauthorized. The judiciary raised concerns about the erosion of democratic principles should such impasses persist.

Judicial Critique on Governor's Role and Constitutional Boundaries

While acknowledging the Governor as the constitutional head of the state, the Supreme Court expressed dismay over the evident discord between the state government and the Governor, deeming it detrimental to democratic norms. Critically, the court questioned the constitutional basis for the Governor's authority to deem a session called by the Speaker as illegal, citing letters from the Governor outlining the session's illegitimacy and refusal to assent bills passed during this period.

Central Government Seeks Resolution Amidst Conflict

In the backdrop of the escalating discord, the central government asserted the impermanence of the Governor's stance, stressing the need for a resolution in the conflict. The court highlighted the imperative of a resolution to preserve the integrity of the legislative process and democratic norms in the state.

The proceedings underscore a critical phase in the Punjab Government Vs Governor conflict, prompting the Supreme Court to scrutinize the constitutional bounds of the Governor's authority while emphasizing the urgency of resolving the impasse for the greater democratic good.