Only 6,202 Fuel Vehicles to be Registered in the current FY in Chandigarh

Rozana Spokesman

News, Punjab

RLA had banned registration of fuel-powered 2-wheelers from last Feb 10 to promote Electric Vehicles

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CHANDIGARH: An  average of 80 to 100 such vehicles are reaching the RLA for registration every day due to the suspension of registration of fuel-powered two-wheelers for about a month. 90 to 100 two wheelers are being registered daily.

Notably, the RLA had banned the registration of fuel-powered two-wheelers from last February 10 to promote electric vehicles. From April 3, RLA started registration of fuel-powered two-wheelers. RLA Pradhuman Singh said that registration of fuel-powered two-wheelers has been restricted at the administrative level to encourage more electric vehicles in the city.

If this pace continues, then the registration limit of 6,202 vehicles set by the transport department of the administration for the financial year 2023-24 will be completed in just two months.

As of February 2023, 1,698 fuel-powered two-wheelers and 134 electric vehicles have been registered. According to the RLA, 70 percent of the target of registration of electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers in 2023 has been achieved so far. The target for four-wheelers in private use has been increased by 20 percent and the target for electric buses by 50 percent.