Tragic Suicide in Abohar: Economic Hardship Takes a Heavy Toll on Distressed Man

Rozana Spokesman

News, Punjab

Abohar witnesses a devastating incident as a distressed man succumbs to pesticide ingestion due to financial distress & mounting expenses


ABOHAR: In a heart-wrenching event that unfolded in Abohar, a young man battling economic hardship took a drastic step, consuming pesticides in a field. The victim, identified as Jeet Singh, was immediately rushed to the hospital by his anguished family members, but unfortunately, he passed away during the night.

Jeet Singh, a father of two boys, was grappling with the financial burden caused by his wife's recent medical operation, which had incurred significant costs. Struggling to meet the expenses, he had resorted to borrowing money to cover the medical bills, pushing him into a state of profound mental distress. Overwhelmed by the mounting pressure and unable to cope with the strain of the financial challenges, Jeet Singh resorted to consuming pesticides in a desperate act on Saturday. His family members intervened swiftly, rushing him to a private hospital in Abohar. However, as his condition worsened, he was referred to a hospital in Bathinda.

Despite their best efforts, Jeet Singh tragically passed away around 9:00 that night, leaving his family and the community in deep sorrow. The local authorities at police station BahaWala took charge of the situation, securing the body and transferring it to the mortuary in Abohar. An investigation under section 174 has been initiated based on statements provided by Jeet Singh's son Harman and brother-in-law Gurmail.