Major Drug Bust in Jalandhar: 12 Kg of Heroin Seized in Cross-Border Smuggling Crackdown

Rozana Spokesman

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Jalandhar Police Uncover 21 Kg of Heroin in Three Days, Unmasking International Drug Network

Jalandhar Police

JALANDHAR: In a significant blow to cross-border drug smuggling operations, Jalandhar Rural Police have successfully recovered 12 kilograms of heroin during an intelligence-driven operation. This substantial seizure comes as part of a larger crackdown, with the district police having netted a total of 21 kilograms of heroin in just three days.

The Director-General of Police (DGP) for Punjab shared the remarkable news, highlighting the relentless efforts of the law enforcement agencies in combating drug-related crimes. He stated, "Following the initial seizure of 9 kilograms of heroin by Jalandhar Rural Police, an additional 12 kilograms of heroin have been recovered. This operation has seen a total of 21 kilograms of heroin taken off the streets in the past three days." The police have filed a Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) FIR at Thana Goraya under the relevant act, and further investigations are currently underway.

This Recent Success builds on the earlier achievement of Jalandhar Rural Police when they apprehended a key drug smuggler, Malkiat Singh, also known as Kali, and confiscated 9 kilograms of heroin. Kali, along with associates, was involved in cross-border drug smuggling operations. Subsequent investigations revealed that Kali had connections with traffickers based in Pakistan. He was responsible for sending individuals across the border to Pakistan, ordering consignments of up to 50 kilograms of heroin, which were later distributed among six different smugglers upon reaching India.

The ongoing efforts against drug trafficking have yielded significant results in recent times. A youth from Ludhiana was apprehended with 8 kilograms of heroin, marking a crucial breakthrough in the campaign against narcotics. Subsequently, Mehtpur police arrested another individual in possession of half a kilogram of heroin. Both individuals provided critical information leading to the identification of the mastermind, Malakiat alias Kali. Further investigations revealed that the main accused used hawala channels to send money to contacts in Pakistan, facilitating the procurement of drug consignments.