Tragedy in Ludhiana: 19-year-old Worker falls to his Death while fitting AC pipe on 6th floor

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Safety Concerns Emerge as Young Laborer Succumbs to Fatal Fall, Residents Allege Lack of Safety Measures

Ludhiana News

Ludhiana News: In a tragic incident in Ludhiana, a 19-year-old laborer named Neeraj lost his life after falling from the 6th floor of an under-construction mall on Shahpur Road. Neeraj, who was fitting an AC pipe, suffered a broken neck upon impact, leading to a fatal outcome. Despite immediate efforts by fellow workers to rush him to CMC hospital in a rickshaw, doctors declared him brought dead.

Local residents voiced concerns over the apparent absence of safety measures at the construction site, asserting that Neeraj's tragic fall was a result of not wearing a safety belt. The lack of adherence to safety standards is believed to have contributed to this unfortunate accident.

Robin Chugh, a resident of the area, shared that his children witnessed the incident while playing on the roof of their house. The children raised an alarm upon seeing Neeraj's fall during the installation of the AC pipe. Other workers at the site gathered, attempting to provide first aid to the injured laborer. Unfortunately, Neeraj's condition deteriorated rapidly, with blood continuously flowing from his body.

Friends of the victim transported him to the hospital in an e-rickshaw, captured in a video that has surfaced since the incident. The tragedy highlights the importance of enforcing stringent safety protocols at construction sites to prevent such accidents and protect the lives of workers. Authorities are expected to investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident, and the community mourns the loss of a young life due to this unfortunate workplace mishap.

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